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07 | 02 | 2022
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Accordion FAQ Plugin - Version 1.5.10 Download


Enables the easy addition of FAQ sections to article content.

Installation/configuration information for Accordion FAQ can be found in the Accordion FAQ (PLUGIN) documentation section.

NOTICE: If you are upgrading from a previous version you do not need to uninstall the previous version before installing this version.

Changelog from version 1.5.9:

  • Updated to jQuery version 1.11.0.
  • Corrected faq header links to not redirect to the home page

Changelog from version 1.5.8:

  • Updated to jQuery version 1.10.2.
  • Updated bookmarkscroll script to initialize only once even if invoked multiple times.
  • Update to allow links in faq header to function.

Changelog from version 1.5.7:

  • Removed jQuery dimensions plugin. It was deprecated in jQuery 1.2 and started causing problems with some menus.

Changelog from version 1.5.6:

  • Corrected to work with older (pre-1.8.0) jQuery versions.
  • Updated to jQuery version 1.9.1.

Changelog from version 1.5.5:

  • Corrected broken faqitem functionality.
  • Added 'Include jQuery migrate' parameter.
  • Updated to jQuery version 1.9.0.

Changelog from version 1.5.4:

  • Implemented workaround for IE8 display problem.
  • Updated to jQuery version 1.8.2.

Changelog from version 1.5.3:

  • The active parameter will now accept multiple entries seperated by commas or a single asterick meaning 'all'. This is only valid when the open multiple parameter is set to yes.
  • Updated to jQuery version 1.8.1.

Changelog from version 1.5.2:

  • Corrected to work with IE9 in IE7/IE8 modes.

Changelog from version 1.5.1:

  • You can now use a jquery selector (ie classname) to define what html tags will be used as faq headers. This is useful when your template uses cufon fonts and is altering the h1-h6 tags.
  • Added openFaqItem function.
  • Improved nested faq support
  • faqitem= variable now supports the specification of multiple faqitems, seperated by commas, i.e. faqitem=faq1item1,faq2item3. This allows the creation of links to nested faq items.
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Ken Lowther (klowther)
Submitted On:
12 Apr 2014
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12 Apr 2014
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