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10 | 04 | 2022
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Imageflow for Joomla 1.0 (version 1.0.11) Download

Thank you for downloading Imageflow for Joomla 1.0 (version 1.0.11)

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Imageflow for Joomla 1.0 (version 1.0.11).

Installation/configuration information for Imageflow is available in  the Imageflow documentation section.

Changelog from 1.0.10:

  • Corrected thumbnail generation to respect alpha channel in source images.
  • Corrected 'Undefined index' errors during thumbnail generation for some images.

Changelog from 1.0.9:

  • PHP 5.3 compatible
  • Minor changes to some highslide templates.

Changelog from 1.0.8:

  • Added auto-step option
  • IE6 compatibility
  • Improved scrollbar handling.
  • Added thumbnail effects (darken, blur, sharpen, grayscale) options
  • Simplified thumbnail border option.
  • Improved thumbnail script to temporarily alter PHP memory settings when necessary/possible to allow thumbnail image creation.
  • Added strip extension from filename module parameter.
  • Added {username} and {id} variable substitution in directory and image list file parameters
  • Added Active link on focused parameter
  • Added multiple imageflow instances per webpage capability
  • Added Shadowbox2template and Shadowbox3template.
  • Captions enhanced to allow inclusion of EXIF info for jpg images
  • Added  metadatatemplate to allow definition of IPTC/EXIF based captions for directory load function
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Ken Lowther (klowther)
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07 Mar 2010
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Ken Lowther
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07 Mar 2010
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