Borderless Floating Caption

This example illustrates the 'Borderless Floating Caption' slideshow preset configuration.

Mountain Valley Windy landscape Sunset in the mountain Resting skier Contemplating dog Cabins Dark skies in sunny landscape Blue sky Ptarmigan Ptarmigans Two cabins Patterns in the snow Cabins Old stone cabins A little open water Dipper Dipper Mountains Birch trees Highland woods Frozen lake Spring in the mountains Spring in the mountains Fjord landscape

Click the thumbnail to launch the slideshow.

Configuration Settings

The following highslide configuration options are overridden by this preset:

  • Outline = drop-shadow
  • Number position = Caption
  • Dimming opacity = .75
  • Alignment = Center
  • Transitions = Expand, crossfade
  • Fade In/Out = Yes
  • Wrapper classname = dark borderless floating-caption

Additional Settings

These settings were set specifically for this example and are not set by the configuration preset.

  • Caption = 'TITLE Attribute from A HREF tag'
  • Modal when dimmed = Yes